Actuarial Society of India

Actuary India Magazine, May 2003  


By J R Joshi, FIA; FASI, Ex-Chairman LIC  

Ganita Bharati is a bulletin issued by the Society for History of Mathematics (India).  This review is confirmed primarily to its Volume 24 (2002) Nos.1-4 combined.  The fact that there is in India a Society as aforementioned operating for over two decades and that it has been publishing a bulletin of its own for 24 years will come as a news for most, if not all, members of Indian actuarial fraternity.  

The editorial board of the Ganita Bharati includes, besides Indians, persons from 14 countries from USA to continental Europe and Iran to Brazil. Vol.24 contains 17 articles plus reviews of 8 books, Indian and others, relating to the topic of the history of mathematics.  To any lover of mathematics some of them will serve as treasure.   Although the price of the bulletin is stated to be Rs.400/= perhaps for members of their society it could be a smaller figure.  Dr. Man Mohan of the Dept. of Maths. of Ramjas College, Delhi-110 007, India, could supply necessary information to an interested reader of the Actuary India, at least some of whom may like to become member of that society.  

The significance of Vol.24 (2002) for ASI members is that it contains an article by Liyaquat Khan on Mathematics and Actuarial Science-Past, Present and Future.  It is a very good, nay wonderful, article not only for a general reader of that bulletin under review but it will be found to be is by all actuaries for whom it can also serve to brush up their own knowledge and to bring it up-to-date.